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Reading Group #4 

2pm, Sunday 16 May, 2021

Seminar Room 1, Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library - hosted by Savannah Smith

There are two short readings this month which focus on the theme of labour. Both are taken from Permanent Recession: a Handbook on Art, Labour and Circumstance. The first, 'Artists' Labour and the Speculation Economy,' is a discussion piece that broadly considers the uncertainty associated with committing to a career in the arts. The second, 'Women's Labour as the Culture Sector's Invisible Dark Matter,' is a republished essay by Macushla Robinson which interrogates the notion of women's labour as an act of love within both private and public spheres.

Melbourne Design Week, in partnership with the NGV:


'Reading Aloud' with Caliper Journal

11am, Saturday 27 March, 2021

Expanding Culture Through Publication

'Reading Aloud' with OFFICE

2pm, Saturday 27 March, 2021

The City as a Resource: How We Can Learn From Urban Fabric

'Reading Aloud' with Dr Ben Byrne and 

11am, Sunday 28 March, 2021

Engaging Community Through Place-Based Design and Creative Practice

'Reading Aloud' with Kate Rhodes and Nick Selenitsch

2pm, Sunday 28 March, 2021

Playing Together

Reading Group #3 

2pm, Sunday 14 March, 2021

Collingwood Yards - hosted by Savannah Smith

Responding to The Politics of Public Space, Volume Two. This publication is part of a quarterly publication by OFFICE which brings together transcripts from their public lecture series, 'The Politics of Public Space.' The second volume collates a series of global perspectives in order to address the effects of COVID-19, including the sudden changes in the way we interact and view our public spaces. 

Reading Group #2 

2pm, Sunday 7 Feb, 2021

Collingwood Yards - hosted by Savannah Smith

Responding to Dr. Gary Foley's Goori Reader No.1: History, Memory and the Role of Cultural Organisations in Entrenching Colonisation in Australia and Beyond

Reading Group #1 

6pm, Monday 14 Dec, 2020

Zoom - hosted by Savannah Smith

Discussion around Ksenia Cheinman's Creating Alternative Art Libraries quickly lead to a more general conversation around developing the potential of the MAL model and it's collection. A brilliant first text, we will likely revisit this article as a starting point again.